Forwarding from and to all the world.

We are operating in Genoa, Vado Ligure, La Spezia, Rivalta Scrivia, Trieste, Venice, Leghorn , Naples, Salerno and Gioia Tauro.


» Definitive import
» Temporary import
» Personal belongings Import
» Community transit (T1)
» Sanitary Practice
» Fitosanitary Practice
» Veterinary Practice
» Radiometric Practice
» Carnet ATA/TIR
» Introduction in VAT deposit
» Reintroduction in duty-free
» Duty on alcoholics
» Marine insurance on goods


» Definitive Export
» Temporary Export
» Personal belongings export
» Foreign goods free pass (LME)
» Shipping forwarding in community areas (T2L)
» Marine Booking
» Quotation of sea freights
» Fumigation of containers
» Origin certificates issue (Eur1; Atr)
» Export bill of lading issue
» Marine insurance on goods


» For every customs practice we can give you all the necessary assistance for commercial and customs documents analysis and for a correct customs identification of the good that you have to import/export. We can answer all your questions about rate duties, internal fiscal laws and customs operations.


» Import/ export containers delivery in Europe
» Collection/Delivery of LCL groupage goods in all italian regions
» Stuffing/unstuffing containers in storage