Our Society

Doge Spedizioni Srl was established in September 2002 by four partners coming from different professional experiences. In previous years we had worked as forwarding and shipping agents with the most important companies in the port area of Genoa. In this way we have acquired the know-how to supply our customers with customs, commercial, geographical and logistical advice. Since then we have been keeping ourselves constantly up to date on the matters we deal with and daily we have to face various customs problems. This has been helping us in our professional growth. We always combine experience with absolute willingness and kindness towards our customers, because we believe that being a competent forwarding agent it’s not enough if you are not able to support your clients step by step. We want our customers to trust us, this is our aim.

We particularly wish to offer our customs services to those who appreciate a personal business relation, which bigger firms generally cannot set up because of their different organization. Even if at present our company can operate in many Italian harbours and customs, we keep on looking for new partners, from overseas too, so that we can grow better and better in a globalized world.